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Leading Supplier of Electrical Material

Dietzel Univolt is a successful global production and trading company located in Vienna, Austria. We are a family-owned business and produce

Electrical conduits and accessories, cable protection systems, lightning protection, cable pulling systems and more.

We produce and market products for electrical installation, for structural and civil engineering and road construction in our plants in Vienna (Austria), Pezinok (Slovakia) and Dongguan (China).

Facts and Figures

  • 400 employees
  • customers in more than 80 countries
  • 45.000 m² production space
  • 80.000 m² storage area
  • 120.000.000 m conduits and
  • 60.000.000 pcs accessories per year

Dietzel Univolt is a third-generation family-owned business committed to sustainability, continuity and close and long-term relations to our customers and suppliers.

Advisory/Executive Board


from left to right (seated):
Mag. Rainer Lichtenberger, KR Prof. Dkfm. Dr. Ernst Pöcksteiner, Peter Steigenberger
from left to right (standing):
Josef Elsinger, KR Ing. Mag. Dr. Michael Pöcksteiner

Management Team


from left to right:
Mag. Rainer Lichtenberger (Commercial Director)
Peter Steigenberger (Chairman of the Board)
Prok. Oliver Ferner-Prantner (Marketing and Sales)


As an independent, family owned enterprise that operates on a global level. We see close and long-term relations to our customers and suppliers as essential for mutual success.

Quality and Environment

In 1995 Dietzel Univolt was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate for their quality assurance system. Since then we continuousely improve our manangement system - committed to sustainability, quality and environment. .


Dietzel Univolt's electrical conduits are installed all over the world. Our halogen-free and LSF0H compliant conduits can be found in power plants, recreation centres, airports and whereever the safety of human beings is concerned.


Founded as a small local business in Vienna and deeply rooted in Austria the founders soon started to act globally. Today, Dietzel Univolt is an international company with locations and customers all over the world.