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Polus Centre, Bratislava
The Slovak capital is a popular destination especially for Austrian shopping tourists. The numerous centers recently built are mostly equipped with Univolt installation material.

A True Champion

Most companies in Austria do not own a formula 1 race course or dominate headlines with impressive profit or loss numbers every quarter of a year. Austria’s main economic power stems from medium sizes enterprises that do not enjoy wide public awareness but excel in their particular industry worldwide already for long periods of time.

Austria is home to many top companies that are leaders in their industry in Europe or even throughout the whole world. In the 1990 the term ‘Hidden Champion’ was coined for market leaders that are completely unknown outside their particular industry. These companies distinguish from others by high levels of resistance to economic crises, longevity and at the same time huge innovation potentials rather than impressive turnover figures.

One of those ‚Hidden Champions‘ in the area of plastics processing is Dietzel Univolt. As the market leader in Austria every electrician knows this established family owned enterprise with headquarters in Vienna and appreciates their quality products and services, while the firm is rather unknown in the public.

Few people also realise that Dietzel has been extremely successful outside Austria for meanwhile many years. More than 60% of the total turnovers are generated in export business thanks to a dense network of subsidiary companies, joint ventures, production sites abroad and distributors, yet controlled by the headquarters in simmering, one of Vienna’s districts.

In a formal ceremony during the so called Export Days the president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Dr. Christoph Leitl, awarded Dietzel the titel ‘Hidden Champion’.

In his speech Dr. Leitl stressed the importance of such companies for Austria as a business location. Dietzel Univolt is in this sense a typical representative of this, as he mentioned, ‘true world champions of the Austrian economy’: a genuine family owned enterprise with more than 75 years of experience firmly rooted in Austria and with successful international activities, a company structure, that enables long term strategic planning and yet instant reaction to challenges at the same time as well as a main focus on innovation and creativity.

In order to find a suitable business area and to defend it against competitors requires a permanent strive for leading the industry. Permanent innovation, a good sense for new ideas and market potentials as well as the capability, to turn ideas in to real products – Dietzel Univolt managed to achieve all of this this during the past decades. The award by the Federal Economic Chamber expresses the appreciation of this kind of of entrepreneurship and is motivation for future developments.
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