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HFT® Product Range
Rigid and Pliable Conduits

Our range of HFT material covers rigid and pliable conduits for versatile use as insulating protection for concealed cabling or surface installations.
Their application is especially recommended in buildings with high concentrations of people or assest, such as residential buildings, offices, hospitals, schools and hotels
Starre und biegsame Rohre
Protective Conduits

The major advantages of Univolt protective conduits are the low weight and the simple installation method with special glands.
As rustless protection for cables and conductors their field of applications ranges from engine
and machine-tool manufacturing, waggon construction, industrial and out-door installations to radio and telecommunication technology, cooling systems, and energy or control systems for various machines.

- normal Bends
- couplers
- glands
- enclosure boxes
- distribution boxes
- adapters
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