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HFT® Material Properties
The products manufactured by Dietzel Univolt under the HFT brand have one important thing in common: the innovative base material.

H - halogenfree
F - flame retardant
T - temperature resistant

Why use HFT material?
Apart from ist superior properties regarding environmental compatibility and sustainability which have become particularly important in wast management the HFT material offers a number of explicit advantages in standard applications:
- advanced fire behaviour
- reduced smoke density
- no formation of corrosive gases
- impact and compression resistant
- resistant against UV radiation and out-door weathering
- resistant against ails, fats, acids, lyes and lubricators
- suitable for use in concrete
- bendable in cold condition

These factors make HFT products the ideal substitute for PVC and steel cable management systems. Save and reliable mounting and operation and yet easy to install.

Materialien HFT
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