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Two pioneering Dietzel technologies are now united in one product group. Our well-proven halogen free products have enjoyed a cutting-edge advantage regarding safety for over 20 years.

They are flame retardant and temperature resistant and don’t release toxic or corrosive gases when subjected to fire. Furthermore, they comply with the advanced safety standards LSF0H and are easily recycled and disposed of.
The Turbo-Effect
Our well-proven turbo technology is the perfect supplement. Thanks to the inner surface sectional corrugation installations with pliable and rigid conduits are quicker and require less force than before. This patented sectional corrugation reduces the friction between the cable or wire and the inner surface of the conduit therefore allowing for much less resistance during insertion.

The same goes for the wide array of accessories – we always focus on creating products from the most modern materials in order to offer our customers the best possible advantage.

The following products belong to the HFT-Turbo group:

HFXP Turbo (pliable conduit)
HFPRM Turbo, HFIRM Turbo (rigid conduits)
HFCL Turbo, DSD, KM Turbo, DOS Turbo (accessories)
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